In my previous post I had described how to upgrade your Magento through a fresh install. You can read about it here first if you like or continue with this method first and check it out later. The second method that we can use to upgrade any Magento version is by upgrading the core files only.

If you have installed any third party modules or plug-ins you might not want to install a fresh Magento since it will overwrite all your modules and you’ll have to re-install them. But upgrading only the core part of your current Magento will solve that problem for you. You won’t have to re-install any of your modules since we won’t be disturbing that part of your package at all. We’ll just upgrade your core Magento installation. But if you have made any changes to the core files themselves then you will definitely lose them. That’s why it’s a best practice never to change the core of Magento.

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Follow these easy steps and upgrade your site to the latest version of Magento:

  1. Login: Open the administration area of your site and login as administrator with full rights.
  2. Magento Connect: Open Magento Connect form System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager. You will have to re-enter your login credentials. Once you have logged in Magento connect manager half of your task is finished.
  3. Maintenance mode: Put your store on maintenance mode while you are upgrading your modules. There is a checkbox given on the top in Magento connect Manager. Keep it checked while you are doing any modifications or changes in your site. This will ensure that your live site is displayed in maintenance mode to the users while you are making modifications in it.
  4. Check for updates: There’s a button on the right side called “check for updates” under the “Manage existing extensions” tab. Click on that and Magento connect will check for any latest stable update of all of your previously installed modules which includes your Magento core modules as well. A list of available versions for all your modules will be generated.
  5. Upgrade: You can choose to upgrade any module by selecting “upgrade to [available version]” from the drop down box displayed beside each module. Once you’ve selected it apply “commit changes” from the bottom and wait while Magento connect upgrades all your selected modules to the version you selected.

There is another way to upgrade your core files of Magento as well. It will be done through pear using SSH. If you don’t want to use Magento connect you can also upgrade using a bunch of commands through SSH. These commands work in an environment where PHP is installed as an Apache module. Here are the steps for it:

  1. Create a copy of your site: First make a duplicate of your current site so you can test your upgrade there first. Copy it in a new directory and run ./mage mage-setup
  2. Upgrade Magento Core: Access your site using SSH and go to the directory where you created a copy of your site. Run these commands to upgrade your Magento core extensions:
    ./mage install community Mage_All_Latest
    rm -rf downloader/pearlib/cache/* downloader/pearlib/download/*
  3. Upgrade Extensions: To update Magento and also all currently installed extensions:
    ./mage upgrade-all
    rm -rf downloader/pearlib/cache/* downloader/pearlib/download/*
  4. Initialize PEAR: If you are encountered with any errors it will be because you didn’t initialize your PEAR registry. To initialize that you will need to run the following commands.
    ./mage mage-setup
    ./mage install community Mage_All_Latest
    rm -rf downloader/pearlib/cache/* downloader/pearlib/download/*

    This is a onetime only procedure. You won’t need to do it again. You can use the first command I’ve written in the post directly for any future need.
  5. Clear cache: Use the following command to clear your cache.
    rm -rf var/cache/*
  6. After checking the upgrade is successful replace this latest version Magento with your live site.

Post Upgrade Checklist:

  • Solve any error if you get any errors by using the solution described in the first part of this article.
  • Check if all your third party modules are working properly after the upgrade.

So with this post both the methods are complete. If you have any questions or suggestions to make the upgrading process even easier or you come across any problem while upgrading, don’t hesitate to write it up here in the comments.


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