Responsive Design – a new perspective for Website designing

From centuries businesses around the globe have given utmost priorities to its customers and their wishes. In this high speed age fulfilling our customers’ wishes has become easy and time effective. Primary reason for this is the prompt usage of different type technologies. One of the usages which have lifted the face of the internet is accessing websites through mobile or smart devices.

As we say ‘One thing leads to another’ in the same way usage of mobile/tablet web has lead to the discovery and implementation of responsive design for a website. Let’s explore more in this article what is this responsive design and how we can develop websites that are responsive to several high-tech devices.

What is Responsive Design?

“One size fits all”

Responsive Design is a technique used to design a website so as to display it correctly in varied browsers of different high-tech devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.  It is a procedure adopted by web masters so they can make their websites more responsive.

Real life example

Here is a live example of a responsive website – And below is the showcase of how this website is displayed in mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Mobile version

Tablet version

Desktop/Laptop version

You can see from the above images how the content of the website get adjusted to different media screens. The mobile version displays content in a single column as compared to the multi columnar display of the tablet and desktop version. But in all these versions the user-friendliness and the comprehensibility of the website is not lost.

Why there is a need of Responsive Design?

“Technology should not be accessible but inclusive and available to all”

These days due to high-tech evolution, world is becoming a smaller place and consumption of information is on its heights. In such rapid times, people and businesses want to access the noblest of information from where they are and from their own devices. This is the primary reason for the adaptation of responsive design. Other reason than this includes

Reason 1: When we don’t want to waste time and money by developing different and individual versions of a website for each and every high-tech devices like – desktop, mobile, tablet etc.

Reason 2: When we want to make our website browsers compatible

Reason 3:  When we want to amplify our online presence i.e. want to increase our search traffic and want to deliver quality content and products to large customer base.

Reason 4: When you want to make internet a better place to be by delivering quality content

Reason 5: When designing a website holds a high priority than developing a web app    

How to make your website responsive?

You can make your website responsive by applying progressive enhancement to your website. Progressive enhancement is a process of using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a layered fashion that allows everyone to access the core content and functionality of a web page, using any browser and Internet connection, whilst also providing an enhanced version of the page to those with more advanced browser or greater bandwidth.

More popular approach these days is to use media queries which make a website responsive by including media attributes in HTML tags. Webmaster these days prepare a website for mobile devices and then add media queries to expand it for further devices like tablets and desktop.

Moreover, media attribute offers various values to enhance design of a website for different devices by setting the height, width, resolution, orientation, media type and many more. For more details on media queries visit this page.

The future

According to a recent survey, today there are 1.8 billion internet connections in the world, above it there are 6.8 billion people in the world out of which 3.4 billion people uses internet from their mobile devices.

I hope these facts are enough to convey why responsive design is the future of website design and development.

To know further about the various tools for designing responsive websites, kindly refer to our link:

Hope you have found this article very informative, do leave your doubts and suggestion in the comment section of this blog.

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