Why Call For Price and Custom Price make a Team

Custom Price & Call For PriceWe are living in the world and trend of dual as it doubles your benefits when used. What if you buy two extensions that make a team and work together enhancing features of both? This will get you dual advantages and more simplification in process. Indies has
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10 Extensions to supercharge your stores in this holiday season

10 Magento Extension to Supercharge your store
Holiday season is just like a festival for Ecommerce store owners. Celebrating it with the big bang sales is the key goal every online retailer might have set. Targeting the holiday season for a grand success of your store this year, we’ve put together a list
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Cronjob setup in Magento

Sometimes we need some of the tasks to run automatically on scheduled time or dates in Magento. Cronjob setup is a system that is used to schedule automated maintenance or administrative jobs and events that are automatically triggered by server. In Magento, cronjob eliminates the work of refreshing catalog index at every
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Superiority of Magento in the modern online shopping trend

Superiority-of-Magento-in-the-modern-online-shopping-trendMagento is an open source web application which is mostly used to create online shopping business with full functionality. Magento system has been adopted by most of the online retailers from smaller websites to larger multinational businesses. It is the fastest growing and powerful platform to be used by online store developers
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Solved: Cookies Problem in Magento

Cookies problem in Magento
In many cases,you might have found the problem regarding cookies. Do you have cookies problem in your Magento store? Let’s discuss about this problem.
Whenever cookies problem is occurred at the time of login to add-to-cart and customer login page, Follow the steps below to solve the defined problem.
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