How to create custom image attribute for Magento extensions

custom image attribute for Magento extensions
Magento Developers put facility of creating attributes from Magento extensions. Custom image attribute has a little trouble here as admin will have to go to Image section of the product to manage image attributes. We will explain a code solution to this problem in this post.
Magento provides incredible
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Integrating 3 new payment methods with Magento layaway solutions

Integrate new payment methods
Making online business work successfully needs to meet some vital things while developing your web store, and the most important consideration is, providing assurance about easy and secure payment systems. Indies has implemented various payment methods with Magento to fulfill distinct aspects and requirements of our customers worldwide.
Just a few
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Magento 1.9 catches the “Installment & EMI” mentality of consumers

Magento 1.9 catches the “Installment and EMI” mentality of consumersPeople have become more reliant on digital commerce and it is going to be here now. Ecommerce has changed the purchase pattern a lot but it would not be able to change few basic mentalities of customers. Take it for example gaining maximum products
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Magento gets responsive with the launch of CE 1.9.0 and EE 1.14

Again Magento has presented a forward leap in E-commerce technology with the release of Magento Community edition 1.9.0 and Enterprise Edition 1.14. The major improvements & features introduced with these updates are Responsive design theme, new payment option with streamlined checkout, security enhancements and cross-border price consistency. we can conclude that the upgrades
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No more heartbleed bug

heartbleed-fixedInternet was really shocked on 7th April 2014 when Heartbleed bug was introduced as a vulnerability of open SSL. The Heartbleed bug can allow anyone on the Internet to read the memory of your website protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. As a result of this, there was a very
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